What is Matrix? In a sentence, Matrix is a SuperAnalogue™ 16 channel, 40 input mixing console with inbuilt signal router and multi-layer digital workstation control. In use it’s simply the most elegant way to be creative with your entire arsenal of analogue outboard and cutting-edge digital equipment. Designed to be at the heart of your every day creative process, Matrix is built to meticulous SSL hardware standards, to withstand even the most intensive studio use. Fully equipped to partner your monitors, workstations and outboard gear, Matrix lets you shape your project studio around the way you work.

Integrate your analogue outboard Imagine being able to access your favourite combinations of analogue outboard equipment and apply them to your project without ever leaving the console. The Matrix SuperAnalogue™ router manages the sends and returns of up to 16 outboard processor units together with the assignment of the console’s channel strip insert points. Using the Insert Matrix control panel software, any combination of your outboard gear can be rapidly inserted into any of your console channels, essentially giving you the ability to run your outboard as ‘analogue plug-ins’ within your DAW.

Control your DAW At the heart of your studio, Matrix reaches out to give comprehensive control over your DAW environment, reinstating the console to its role as creative hub. With HUI or MCU modes, the 16 motorised faders and channel controls provide complete hands-on control over your DAW mixer, allowing you to enjoy mixing on a tactile, fully-featured control surface. Additionally, Matrix gives you access to transport e navigation functions, plug-in e virtual instrument parameters, and essential DAW commands, allowing you to work quickly and easily using just the console surface. For crucial track adjustment, our unique 'Focus Fader' mode enables the Master Fader (and accompanying V-Pot) to control any channel within your DAW environment that is not part of the currently selected layer, perfect for time saving in mixdown.

Passei muitos anos desenvolvendo e lutando para conseguir o melhor resultado "in the box" e, em apenas duas horas trabalhando com a Matrix, percebi que teria ao meu dispôr o melhor dos dois mundos:
tudo de bom que o mundo digital nos trouxe (instant recall, total controle sobre minhas DAW etc e tal) e o incrível som e punch que só é possível abrindo minha sessão numa mesa como a SSL.
Por sua portabilidade, isso é possível no local que eu quiser.
É como ver a luz...voltar as trevas nunca mais!

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